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    Snow Removal Services

    Affordable snow removal service

    Quick Sidekick is offering reliable snow removal serves that is serving the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area for commercial and residential properties.

    Sign Up For Automatic Snow Removal Service!

    We are offering automatic snow removal service. Every time it snows we will automatically send out a snow removal expert to shovel and salt the areas you have requested. If interested in being apart of our automatic snow removal list please click HERE.

    Snow Removal Serve offering



    Breaking Ice

    Snow removal

    Residential snow Removal services

    When it snows you want to get the snow off your property as quick as possible before it turns into ice and can get dangerous for you and your family members.

    Trying to remove snow your self you can end up pulling a muscle in your back that would be painful or you can slip and hurt your self. You can easily harm your self when trying to remove snow from your property. That is why Quick Sidekick snow removal providers are Work Safe covered. If they hurt them self on a snow removal job they are covered.

    Removing snow is not easy, some times it can be wet and heavy, and removing ice is sometimes nearly impossible. Having all the snow and ice packed on your property can make your cement or stone weaker and easier to chip. With out the proper material and tool you can damage your property. Quick Sidekick snow removal specialists have liability insurance to help protect from damages that could occur.


    Quick Sidekick is offering the following snow removal services for residential properties. 

    – We buy salt in the middle of the year to make sure that we are ready for the winter. We have several different kinds of salt and can use sand if you would like a more natural.
    Snow Removal of Walkways – We can clear your walkways of snow and ice so that you can get to and from your home safely.
    Snow Removal of Sidewalks – Sidewalks are the home owners responsibility to keep clear and you could be fined from your local city if you do not clear. We have the proper tools to de-ice and remove snow from your sidewalks in a timely manner.
    Removing Snow from Driveways – We can remove snow from aggregate, cement, brick, and any kind of material driveway you may have. Quick Sidekick snow removal technicians are trained and can work on steep driveways and can work fast.
    Removing snow from Roofs– We work with all kind of roofs and can clear snow off of steep and flat roofs. If you have snow on your roof you will want to get it cleared off as soon as you can because it can cause damage to your roof fast.

    Commercial Property Snow Removal Services

    Quick Sidekick has the tools to come and serve your commercial property for your snow removal needs. What ever your snow removal service you need from clearing your walkways or sidewalks or clearing your parking lot we can come serve you some times the same day you call in.

    Having a icy property it could be dangerous for your employees to go to work and for your customers to come visit your business.

    For parking lot snow clearing or larger areas that need snow removal clearing we have a ATV that has a plow attached that can clear large areas fast.

    Regular Snow Removal Services

    If you are looking for a regular snow removal service for every time it snows, we offer a 10% discount from our normal prices for our regular snow removal package.  We will show up to your home or business every time is snows, and if you would like we can come by just to lay some salt down to keep your property clear and safe.

    Eco- Friendly Snow Removal Services

    Quick Sidekick is offering Eco-friendly snow removal services but using sand instead of salt. Some times salt can damage your garden and your grass, if you would like to keep your plant life safe, sand is a better option for you.

    Cities where Our Snow Removers are located