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    Roof Cleaning

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    When you want to choose a roof cleaner it is advisable to get someone who is insured and is work safe covered. If your roof or any other areas is damaged in the process of cleaning it could be costly and if your roof cleaner is not insured, you would be liable for the damages.

    When you employ our services at Quick Sidekick, you will get a profile of who is coming to do the roof cleaning. For us it is not about getting paid but about keeping lasting relationships. We take pride in giving you the best service so that you are pleased with working with us and can refer us to someone else.

    Why you should clean your roof

    Living in a rain forest like BC Canada, we know that it is a very moist and a perfect atmosphere for moss, mold, algae and bugs to grow. Algae and moss is a living organism that grows and damages your roof. This mold and algae will go under and over you’re roof making your roof moist and turn into mold that will rotten your roof and become harmful to your families health. Cleaning your roof at least once a year to avoid damages that will cost you a lot.

    Various roof cleaning services

    We are experts in cleaning asphalt shingle roofs, cedar roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs and cement roofs. We work with apartments, residential homes and businesses

    Tucker pole-

    Using a tucker pole we clean fast to help save you money, our tucker poles are 5 levels high on its own without a ladder and they are efficient.


    We clean windows that are difficult or too high to reach by making use of our 4 levels high ladders.

    Sweeping or blowing debris off your roof-

    We make use of a blower or broom to clean your roof, it all depends on what our customers are comfortable with. This is done by using a blower or with a broom whatever the customer is more comfortable with. It is important to clean debris off the roof so they do not fall and clog your gutters. Sometimes they also form an algae or moss on your roof.

    Removing of Moss or Algae from the roof –

    Cleaning moss or algae off a roof is done in three steps:

    First Step: Spraying of chemical on the roof to kill and remove the moss

    Second Step: Brushing the moss off the roof gently

    Third Step: Spraying a protector on the roof to prevent recurrent growth of moss

    Pressure washing of the roof-

    We use the soft wash power wash method that involves spraying of the roof with a chemical to clean off the dirt that are stuck, we then pressure wash your roof using a light pressure to the dirt away. After this is done, your roof will look like a brand new one.

    Eco friendly roof cleaning-

    Are you concerned about your plants or the ecosystem in generally? You can choose our eco-friendly cleaning services like the roof shampooing option. This involves cleaning your roof with products that are eco-friendly coupled with a soft wash method.

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