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    Offering professional painting at an affordable price. Call us today for a Free estimate

    Quick and efficient and excellent customer service Is Quick Sidekick motto.

    We won’t take up all your time as we understand that inviting strangers to paint your home or business is a big deal.  Before starting to work with us we will send you a detailed profile of who is coming to paint your home before you make your booking, so you can know who is coming ahead of time. This profile of the painting service provider includes pictures of previous jobs and details about the painter along with reviews from previous customers.

    It makes us happy when our customers are happy with our painting services so we take pride in delivering the best service to you from the beginning to the end of the painting service.

    Our office staffs are always available to attend to your questions and issues. We have a painter ready and available to provide you with a free painting quote.

    High quality painting and with quality service with Quick Sidekick

    Where we paint

    Interior painting

    Our Quick Sidekick painters are experienced and pleasant to work with. When starting the interior painting Quick Sidekick painter will meet with you to get an idea in what you want done with your home, then will show you different painting options. We use only the highest quality of paint.

    If you are wanting your living room or bedroom a face lift, painting is the cheapest way with noticeable results.

    Painting of Exteriors

    We aim  to give you a painting serves  that you will be satisfied with so we prep your walls before painting them by making use of a pressure washer to clean off all the dirt and old paint. Prices come with a guarantee and we give you a warranty along with all of our exterior painting. You will receive an accurate estimate along with a list of the painting services we will offer to you. The most common painting jobs that we have done include painting of fiber or wood siding, stucco, brick and many more.

    Painting of decks and Fences – Our full time painters are available all through the summer. We will pressure wash the deck and fence first to clean off the dirt and old paint before we start painting them.

    The types of buildings that we paint

    Residential homes- We paint residential homes and we make sure home owners are pleased with our services.

    Apartments – We take on both small and large jobs, there is no painting job that is too small or big for us to handle. When painting your home we will work with you and follow your building bylaws.

    Strata- We work with strata companies to help with painting both the interior and exterior of buildings that are up to 6 levels high. We will give you an accurate quote by visiting the site to examine the work to be done.

    Businesses – We offer a quick and efficient painting jobs so they do not get in the way of your business and this can sometimes be done in one day depending on the work area.

    Moving out painting

    Moving can be a bit stressful and you want to ensure everything is put in their perfect place and looks good at the same time so you can get enough money for your home. Painting the house can give it a new look and make a huge difference. We can help you smoothen out the walls and make it clean before painting it.

    Building Managers – We work closely with building managers in order to help clean out an apartment when a tenant moves out. This will give the apartment a new and fresh look so the next person can feel very comfortable moving in. We can send a painter to you in a few days and sometimes the painting can be carried out within a day.

    How clean windows and make them streak free

    We can guarantee you a streak free window after cleaning; we get this done by using professional window cleaning equipment and detergent to help prevent streaks. We make use of squeegees and soft window cleaning rags to ensure your windows are streak free.

    Cites we work in for painting

    Other Services We Offer