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    Gutter Cleaning

    Offering Gutter Cleaning from reliable and experienced gutter cleaners. Call or text 604-343-5763 for a free gutter cleaning estimate

    When living in a rain forest area like the lower mainland BC you will need to clean your gutters at least once to twice a year. For our gutter cleaning services, we work with commercial buildings, resident homes, and strata.

    Gutter cleaning is vital in the home or environs because without cleaning your gutters they could spill over and cause mold and damages to your siding and fascia.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of trees in your yard or not, you gutters can still get filled up when birds or winds bring in waste materials, dust and mud. There could also be some insects, animals and birds that can destroy your home.

    Why are Gutters needed?

    Your fascia, siding and roof could be destroyed by rain water; gutters can save your home from the water damage. Also you wouldn’t want water pouring down on your head every time you enter your home.

    The Kinds of gutter systems available

    Inbuilt Gutter system

    Also called box gutters or hidden gutters. These kinds of gutters are built into the home.

    Aluminum Gutter system

    These are the most common kind of gutters found in BC Canada. This is the kind of gutter system that can be made into many different sizes, shapes and colors.

    Different gutter cleaning we offer

    Cleaning of gutter interior-

    We often check to make sure your gutters are not damaged before cleaning your gutters. We clean your gutters from a ladder or the roof, we pack out all the trash and dirt from your gutters put the dirt and other debris found in your gutters in a bucket and flush the gutters with water to make sure that even the little wastes are cleaned off. If your gutter requires it we may use of a sponge to clean the gutter interiors after flushing your gutters.

    Cleaning exterior gutters by hands and detergent – We can make use of hand and soap to clean the gutters; this involves using a gentle soap to wash all of your gutters and rinsing it lightly afterwards

    Cleaning exterior gutters by hands and detergent – We can make use of hand and soap to clean the gutters; this involves using a gentle soap to wash all of your gutters and rinsing it lightly afterwards

    Cleaning of gutter exterior –

    We advise a regular cleaning of your gutter exteriors because after a while your gutters can get dirty. We clean different type of exterior gutter dirt including moss, black stains, dirt, algae and many more.

    We make use of different cleaning methods when you want your exterior gutters cleaned for either moss, algae or dirt off your gutters.

    Soft wash pressure washing for exterior gutter cleaning – We can clean the exterior of your gutters with pressure washing by using the soft wash method; this involves spraying a chemical on the gutters to kill the moss or help wash away the dirt, after which it is cleaned by a soft pressure washer on very low pressure to help prevent damage to the gutters.

    Cleaning exterior gutters by hands and detergent –

    We can make use of hand and soap to clean the gutters; this involves using a gentle soap to wash all of your gutters and rinsing it lightly afterwards.

    Polishing exterior gutters-

    Black stains or zebra marks can only be removed from your gutters by polishing the exterior gutter system. This involves using a special cleaning paste to grease the gutter. After your gutters are polished they will look bran new without having to pay the big money to replace your gutter system.

    Different types of gutters that we work with

    Cleaning Aluminum gutter –

    The aluminum gutters are the most known gutter system in the Lower mainland BC.

    Cleaning a built in gutter system –

    This are sometimes called hidden gutters because the gutter system is built into the house.

    Drains –

    Drains are very common on flat roofs.

    Gutter Cleaning for Strata’s

    Our gutter cleaning technicians are professional, hardworking and polite. We will go to the property and look at the gutters that you want cleaned after which we will send you an estimate. Our technicians are equipped with ladders that are 4 stories tall and can also work on buildings which are 6 levels high, they are certified gutter cleaning professionals who are authorized to use boom lift if needed to reach those hard to reach gutters.

    We have gutter cleaners that are trained to go on steep roofs and take extra caution when cleaning.

    The gutter cleaning specialist will meet you or who you appoint us to at the cleaning site and will attend to you in a pleasant and polite manner. The gutter specialist will do a walk around of the building and check your gutters to make sure none of them are damaged and ask you what your areas of concern before starting the cleaning. The gutter specialist will take before and after pictures of the gutters to show you they have been cleaned.

    Cleaning Gutters for property management companies

    We know your reputation is important to you when hiring a gutter cleaning company and keeping your happy, as it is important to us. We will make sure to give you’re a good price along with good service and perfectly clean gutters to go with that price. Property management companies that work with us on a few different properties we make sure to give 10 to 15% discount on their gutter cleaning. It is not all about the money to us but also about doing a good job and keeping long lasting relationships.

    Gutter cleaning for business

    We work with office and industrial buildings up to 6 levels high. Out gutter cleaning technician will make sure to clean your gutters out fast and efficient without disturbing your business. After your gutter system is cleaned on your business the gutter cleaning technician will make sure to clean up the area around because we know how important your company image is.

    Gutter Cleaning on Residential Homes

    When cleaning gutters on a residential home can be done when you are there or when you are away. We will make sure to give extra care in cleaning your gutters; because of customers like you we have a business. When you are making a booking we will make sure to send you a copy of your gutter cleaning booking that we send to the gutter cleaning technician so that you can read it over to make sure we did not miss anything. During the booking we will make sure to ask you if you have any areas of concern so that we can make sure the gutter cleaning technician will attend to it.

    Before starting to clean the gutter technician will test off of your gutters to make sure none of your gutters are damaged. When cleaning your eves we will make sure to get all the dirt out of your gutters so that you don’t need to worry about your gutters for a while. After your eves are cleaned the gutter technician will clean up your yard to make sure your yard is clean before leaving.

    We are positive that you will be happy with your gutter cleaning and will only use Quick Sidekick after using us once. Customer service and doing a good job is important to us.

    We guarantee all of our work.

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