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    About Us

    Quick Sidekick is dedicated in providing  services to you Quick and efficient while providing you with  great customer service that you deserve.

    Quick Sidekick is not a company with one owner but a group of people that have skills, managing different section in providing quality service.

    By human nature we automatically work harder and better when something is our own and everyone has strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

    Hard working service providers are busy working all day and do not have time to manage their clients and administration that is why Quick Sidekick was formed. Hannah manages the phone calls, and administration, Alex manages the Greater Vancouver, and Dennis Manages the Fraser Valley for various services.

    When you work with Quick Sidekick you know who is showing up to your door because we have a profile of each technician. In the Profiles you can see different pictures of the technicians work, the different services they provide and a little bit about that person.

    Quick Sidekick is made of team work with old fashion hard working all Canadians

    Hannah Levy

    Hannah manages the customer service and administration. She is very attentive to her work and when you call her you will hear the smile on the other end.

    Dennis Haines

    Dennis Manages the Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast, and Bowen Island. Dennis is a great problem solver in different issues that may accrue, he is also skilled in various different trades. When working with Dennis you are working with a professional.

    Alex Yamo

    Alex is the manager of the Greater Vancouver area. He is hard working and very attentive to details. He likes to go over and above the work he provides to make sure you are more than satisfied.

    3 is always better then 1 and we are waiting to serve you